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Global image or text search

Simply upload your design and instantly review similar trademarks from around the world.

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AI-powered image recognition

Whether you’re searching the USA, European Union, WIPO or any of our other datasets, the latest in image recognition and artificial intelligence will protect your brand.

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The industry is changing

Our commitment to continual research and innovation has already changed the industry. Jump on now and see why.



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What are our clients saying?

King & Wood Mallesons case study

King & Wood Mallesons have been a valued client of TrademarkVision since 2015. The international firm were early adopters of the technology and were instrumental in TrademarkVision’s development. John Swinson, Partner, and Bill Ladas, Special Counsel, offered their insights on the benefits of the platform. 



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Pay per search options

Includes all classes & all our jurisdictions with unlimited reporting

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Image search 

$400 / search


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Text search

$100 / search


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Annual monitor

$600 / year


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Monthly plans  



3 Image searches 

3 Monitors

Unlimited text searching


$1000 / month 



10 Image searches

10 Monitors

Unlimited text searching


$2500 / month



25 Image searches

25 Monitors

Unlimited text searching


$4000 / month


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