IP Australia Case study

In 2015, the Australian federal government took the bold decision to completely rebuild their IP rights search engines.

Their first step - partnering with TrademarkVision



Partnership timeline

In 2017, IP Australia and TrademarkVision launched Australian Trade Mark Search; a completely new search engine for the Australian trademark registry. It offers a simpler way for businesses to make quick and informed decisions to protect their brand, through advanced searching techniques.

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July 2015


Vision and Partnership

In December 2015, TrademarkVision was chosen to rebuild the Australian Intellectual Property Office’s IP Rights search engines. Our world first image recognition technology was to be featured, but the scope included all aspects of search from design, infrastructure, application and process.



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July 2016

Trademark Examiner Search Engine Launch

In July 2016, we released a new internal trademark search for examiners at IP Australia. We spent countless hours with the IP Australia team to understand the process and needs of trademark examiners. With their project team, we were able to find ways to automate and/or simplify parts of their detailed examination search process. Immediately, we were able to improve accuracy and save the examiners time.

News articles: Australian Financial Review



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Feb 2017

Australian Trade Mark Search Launch

In February 2017, we launched Australian Trade Mark Search at Australia’s premier digital innovation event; Pause Fest. IP Australia’s aim was to provide small businesses and entrepreneurs with an intuitive trademark search experience, providing faster and more accurate results. Australia became the first national office to boast image recognition for figurative trademark searching, integrating our machine learning image recognition service into the experience. Already, we have seen thousands of successful image searches across the Australian registry by the public, offering them IP awareness and protection, never before possible. 

News Articles: Business Insider, Smart Company, DynamicBusiness,  



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June 2017

Trade Mark Assist

Trade Mark Assist is an interactive tool designed to educate small business and unrepresented applicants through the initial stages of the trade mark application process. Trade Mark Assist will provide educational information specific to the customer’s circumstances and suggest relevant goods and services using our machine learning algorithms. By informing and educating applicants through TM Assist, it is predicted that trade mark application quality will be improved, you can try it here 



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The Future

Right now, our developers are working on several new projects with the IP Australia team. Industrial Designs, Patents and other areas will be tackled to continue IP Australia’s grand vision of offering the world’s best IP rights search engines.

Industrial designs image search, prototype now live!

We're excited to share with you the first ever image search for industrial designs prototype. This early demonstration showcases the power of our machine learning and image recognition technology. The second phase of our partnership with IP Australia, to develop the new Australian Design Search, will allow you to search using images as an alternative to classification codes or product names.





We’re excited government agencies are embracing change and innovation to help the industry of Intellectual Property. If you would like to learn more about TrademarkVision’s services, please reach out.

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