EUIPO case study

As one of the leaders of international intellectual property administration, the European Union Intellectual Property Office are constantly looking at ways to improve the industry. Offering image recognition for trademarks has long been a dream, and through TrademarkVision’s technology the EUIPO has brought it to reality.




Project Overview

In December 2016, the IP Industry took a huge leap forward with the launch of image recognition in EUIPO’s official trademark search engine, eSearch. The EUIPO have long understood the changing landscape and sought the world’s best image recognition for trademarks solution; a process that led them to partnering with TrademarkVision.

By integrating TrademarkVision into eSearch, trademark searching is now visual for the 100,000 companies that register their trademarks with the EUIPO every year. Using advanced machine learning and image recognition techniques, our technology cuts figurative trademark searches down to seconds.

The announcement of our launch featured in leading technology magazines around the world, including; TechCrunch, Mashable and FastCompany.

Recently, the World Trademark Review, one of the most prestigious magazines in the field of intellectual property, named the EUIPO the most innovative intellectual property office in the world. We love being associated with the office and congratulate them in their innovative approach.

We’re excited government agencies are embracing change and innovation to help the industry of Intellectual Property. If you would like to learn more about TrademarkVision’s services, please reach out.

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